Cooking with Comté, hon hon hon

Since career jumping into the world of wine (metaphorically and literally, splish splash) I’ve been flexing my new wino buff knowledge. I am enoteca-wisdom defined, hic.

I mean, well, obviously I’m not. I put my bra on one boob at a time like everybody else. But if you know me, you’ll know that a little naivety doesn’t stop me from full force barrelling my way into any ‘well actually‘ or ‘did you know‘, which leads me to this glorious statement: Did you know that certain cheeses are protected by law?

Similarly to how you can’t get Champagne from anywhere other than the French region of Champagne, and wagyu beef from certain cows in Japan; authenticity, tradition and quality is closely controlled for certain cheese. Comté, one of the first cheeses to be ‘awarded’ such protection, invited me down to a cookery class (At the Saturday Kitchen studio! Can you believe it! I’m James Martin!).

Comte Cheese 1

First up was an introduction to the four different varities Comté, followed by a cookery course from the Michel Roux Jr school. The idea was to show off the versatility of Comté, which in practice meant a buttload of cheese on a Wednesday night and some pretty wacky dreams.

The food was delicious, as any three course cheese fest should be, and all swilled down with some lovely vino.  Due diligence was given to ensuring each and every dish had the maximum amount of Comté in there- when it’s handcrafted by over 2,000 local farmers as a cooperative and literally protected by law then you’ve gotta make the most of the stuff. It’d be rude not to.

I heart Comte 1

Farrah Kelly

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