Return of the Maki with Sushi Shop

I’m obsessed with raw fish. Ceviche, carpaccio, gravadlax, tartare. If anything raw and fishy features on a menu, you can bet you bottom dollar, first born child, Twitter passwords, whatever, that I will order it.

Maybe it’s the texture, or how every bite feels like a packful of flavour and delicate in equal measure. Or maybe it’s that it makes me feel like a fancy bish. Whatever the deepset psychological root for my cravings, all this makes me a natural swooner for sushi.

What I’m trying to tell you is that I need no persuasion to get excited by sushi.

Sushi Shop1

Sushi Shop, the loved South Kensington sushi joint, invited me to check out their new collaboration with famous Brooklynite tattoo artist, Scott Campbell. Tattoos and sushi might not seem the most obvious matching, but there’s definitely something in there about masterful precision, beauty, etc etc. Stick with me.

They have come up with this gorgeous box- absolutely stuffed to the brim with sushi- that looks cool and sounds fancy when you order it. I got to watch one of their master sushi makers- a dashing bloke with a history in those fancy French kitchens and years developing his love for Japanese food- give us a whistlestop tour of how you make maki and nigiri effortlessly.


I absolutely devoured the box- it’s got about 40 pieces in there so definitely one for sharing. And for those ink-inclined, there’s even a little transfer of Scott’s designs, so you can tat while you snack.

Farrah Kelly

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