24 hours in Copenhagen: Day Two

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Day Two

Mornings in Copenhagen

With such a short trip planned, there was no time for long lie ins or a slow unfurling of the day. Instead, we hopped out of bed and straight into the fresh air, heading for our new favourite place, Torvehallerne. We had to pay a visit to the v. well respected Coffee Collective- recommended to me by Will, the Head of Coffee for Pact (and boy can you trust this guy on coffee suggestions). We picked up a couple of freshly baked Danish pastries and sat sipping our flat whites with Copenhagen’s finest hipsters.




Day in Copenhagen

Unusally for Jonathan and I, we hadn’t been to a single gallery or museum yet. Not wanting to waste our precious minutes on hunting down the further out spots, we settled for the marvellous curved tower in the centre of Freideriksberg, Rundetårn. The entire 17th century tower is built on one swooping ramp that twirls around the core of the building, stopping off at art galleries, historical exhibitions and an observatory, which we dutifully explored.



Rundetårn view

No trip to Copenhagen is compelte without a saunter down Nyahaven port…

Weekend in Copenhagen

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Lunch in Copenhagen

With a good amount of time to kill before worrying about getting back to the airport, and our minds ever on the next meal, we found refuge in the cosy cafe Big Apple Juices With the super simple, stripped back wood, white walls and artfully strewn dried flowers, this was a great spot to curl under a blanket and fill up.With the chorizo ryebreads on their way, I snapped up the deck of cards and we slurped our juices as Jonathan mercilessly defeated me at each and every game…






It’s a good job he’s handsome, because I’m a sore loser and he’s no gracious winner.

Having been so healthy for lunch, we needed to fix that and sought out a top quality pub to keep us entertained. Enter, the Taphouse.

61 beers on tap, you could sense Jonthan’s giddiness escalating all the way from the ladies restroom. I poked around my gin and tonic while he ‘sampled’ every beer on the list, expertly describing the tasting notes of each as I nodded blankly and tried to place the accents of fellow pubgoers. Would highly recommend.


New favourite pub in the whole world. 61 beers on tap. #taphouse

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And so, unfortunately, to the airport.

Our whirlwind trip- to Copenhagen was perfect. I was worried we’d spend most of our time struggling to find things to do, places to eat, that kind of thing. Instead,. because Copenhagen is so compact and so full of character and of amazing independent places, you can set off in almost any direction and turn a corner to an unexpected gem. Absolutely perfect for a short trip.


24 hours in Copenhagen: Day One

Valentine’s Day this year, Jonathan and I decided to not bother with presents or cards. We wanted to save the money and maybe go for a lovely country pub instead. But then, all of a sudden, we’d booked a trip to Copenhagen. Oops.

We came up with the idea while cooking breakfast on V-Day, and by the time we’d licked our forks clean, we’d booked a twenty-four hour trip to Denmark. It happens.

Day One

Lunch in Copenhagen

We arrived at the Copenhagen airport at 10am. The airport is SO well connected to the city centre- we took a tram into Christianshavn, which takes 15 minutes and costs 36 krona (about £4)

By the time we walked through town to get to our AirBnB on the edge of gorgeous park Ørstedsparken, jumped up and down on the bed and freshened up a little, our Pret breakfast was beginning to fade into the background and we had our hearts set on some lunch. We stumbled across Torvehallerne, which blew our tiny foodie minds.

Torvehallerne Champagne





While there were plenty of options at this bustling food market, the choice was pretty easy for us. We wiled away our lunchtime tucking into the incredible smorgasboard open sandwiches, watching fresh ones made in front of us by busy hands, and pondered our next move. Of course, we gave the market’s two halls a thorough browse first, and picked up an epic dessert to take on our travels with us.


Afternoon in Copenhagen

We took our peanut butter chocolate slice for a walk round the parks. Exploring the parks and architecture of this city, it’s easy to see Copenhagen’s beauty, even in grizzly weather.








We wandered the parks, got upfront with the lions and marvelled at the regal, smooth style of the buidlings (and the people!). Come mid afternoon, both Jonathan and I were pooped, and being the grannies we are, retreated to our AirBnB for a mid-arvo nap.

Evening in Copenhagen

Feeling like we had a whole extra day in Denmark, we jumped out of our nap and straight into our finest walking shoes to see the city by night. We’d heard so much about the famous Tivoli Gardens, so donned our umbrella (which was suitably useless, I abandoned it after a particularly bolshy gust of wind) and head to one of the oldest active fairgrounds in the world.



Tivoli Gardens are an absolute must if you’re visiting Copenhagen. In the earlier evening you could see very cute Danish familes gleefully spinning around in teacups, and towards the later evening they were replaced with swathes of teenagers and adults enjoying the screamer rides, many bars, and idyllic scenery. The famous Peacock theatre hosts a ballet with the slightly terrifying clown Pjerrot  which attracts big crowds, even in the rain. We didn’t go on any of the rides (it was raining- we were going for a nice meal afterwards and didn’t want to show up soaked wet through), but we had a good go on the traditional games- where, instead of winning me a teddy, like all films say he should, Jonathan won himself a toy motorbike. What even.

For dinner, we went to the highly rated TIGHT, where our waitress, Maria, was literally the best waitress ever. For once in my snap-happy life, I put my camera away and didn’t take a single snap- this is a holiday after all…

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Le Menar, London Review

Le Menar is an unassuming-looking Lebanese place tucked away behind Goodge Street that has exceptionally good food. Don’t you love that? The places you have to hunt down that make the faffing about with Citymapper worth it?

After struggling with the iron door (stupid frickin wimp arms), I made my way into what seems, essentially, like my dream living room. Mismatched, extra plumped cushions line the seat, deep golden tables with dainty candles spotted around. Deep reds, dark wood and cosy atmosphere, it’s make an ideal spot for birthday drinks, or cosying up with your date.

The food was beautiful. Simple as that. Wonderfully spiced, delicate and well measured, and generously portioned. This is the kind of place you take someone you want to impress with your knowledge of authentic hidden gems in London. It wasn’t too crowded on a Friday night, meaning that Jaime and I could have a proper natter, and still cosy enough to get chatting to our neghbouring tables (you can take the girls out of the north…)

For starts:

Starters Le Menar

Diver Scallops

Seared Diver Scallops.

Lebanese spiced squid

And Lebanese spiced squid, with almond harissa. Probably my favourite dish (but starters always are!). Squid cooked perfectly, with tiny heaps of harissa scooped into the delicate curls. What a dream.

For the main meal, I had the lamb.

Mains Le Menar

Spiced lamb


Perfectly pink, and twice as much as I expected (score!). Served with a few roasted veg and a aubergine Moutabal- big thank you to head chef Vernon for explaining this to me- which I’d never had before and went so well with the lamb.

Jaime kept it fishy with the sea bass.

Moroccan Sea Bass

After picking our plates clean, we chatted a while. It’s a nice novelty to be in a London restaurant and not feel like the staff want to chuck you out to turn the table over as fast as they can, and the chilled vibe of Le Menar meant Jaiand I were very happy with sipping away for a good long time. It really is a nice place for a catch up- something other London restaurants could take note of!

Then, of course, the sweeties.

Desserts Le Menar

Epic chocolate fondant with pistachio creme fraiche. Jai tried her best finishing this, but on top of her fishy dinner, this incredibly rich dessert beat her. I gallantly stepped in to scoop up the last spoonfuls.

Jaime collage2


Action shot!

My creme brulee was, again, delicious. Light, with a surprising scattering of pistachio dust in the centre, it was a pretty sweet way to end a lovely meal.
Pistachio Creme Brulee


I loved Le Menar. The food was delicious, unexpected, and the setting was incredibly warm and cosy. Great place for dates- especially if you don’t want to spend the night having to shout into each others ears.

Le Menar, Fitzrovia

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I’m a feminist, and I think we need to get over the Protein World adverts.

*deep breaths* I’m Farrah, I’m a feminist, and I think we need to get over the Protein World adverts.

I’m a feminist. I strongly believe that women are not treated as individuals in a plethora of ways, from catcalling to cultural marginalisation and under-representation. I believe that objectification is a ‘gateway sexism’ to the dehumanisation of women, leading to cultural acceptance of the mistreatment, belittling and violence women face. The Protein World advert, imho, is dangerous as well as lame.

In the weeks following the unveiling of the unimaginative, over-trodden sexualised and controversial tube ads from the ‘marketing pioneers’ behind Protein World, everyone (it seems) has formed an opinion on the billboards that literally highlight the value of a woman through June to August as her tits, froo, and the skinny bits in between bright yellow.

Protein World advert

As you can probably guess, I’m not a fan.

I don’t like that it’s a weightloss pill. I think diet pills are icky and the advertising is manipulative and boring- and to be honest if it had been an advert for a bikini rather than literally a body type, I probably wouldn’t have even raised my bushy eyebrows. These ads validated people who think if someone is fat, they’re unhealthy. They made women whoa ren’t a size 8 with grade A+ boobs (i.e. nearly all of us) feel less wonderful that day. But we need to get over it.

Protein World advert

A policy I’m trying to live by is to choose joy. It means walking on the sunny side of the street, not throwing a hissy fit when someone at work has used the last teabag, and changing my mindset to be more positive. It’s working wonders for me, and I think it’s a way of life that people who live on the internet could benefit from.

The advertising world is full of creative media types that don’t try to benefit from negativity. I spotted this advert from Whole Foods on my way home the other day.

Body Positive advert

The drama caused by Protein World’s lame ass ad- which invoked no creativity or interesting brand identity other than ‘douchebags’- saw their profits soaring. Our anger is rewarding bad behaviour.

Instead, and maybe this is naive, but we should reward creativity, positivity and responsible brands with our praise.

Punishing brands doesn’t work if it just gives them free PR and a limo ride to roll up to the bank to. We can do better than that. We can demand for offensive crap to be taken down, but we can also prove to brands that we will respond to, and appreciate, messaging that isn’t designed to make s us feel like sweaty, ugly slobs.

Body Positive


By moving past the crap, rather than waving our virtual pitchforks at it, we can send a message to brands that pissing us off isn’t good enough. If we want to stop being made to feel like this, we have to make a decision to use our anger in a constructive way, and to diminsh the power these shitbags have over us. We need to show more love for the good stuff out there. We’ve got this, guys.