Home for Christmas (& happy 1st birthday, ESS!)

It’s not secret that I adore being at home. Deep and meaningful chats with my mum as we wander around the supermarket, squabbling over the correct way to pronounce “pear” and getting to watch the cogs turn in my sister’s brain as she makes the tough decision between watching Made in Chelsea reruns or Big Bang Theory reruns. Who wouldn’t love it?

As we’ve downsized houses this year, I don’t technically have a bedroom anymore. Instead, Bethany has graciously lent me some floor space for my things and I tuck myself in at night on a mattress in an alcove in her room. It’s not ideal, as being a twenty year old woman who has to cut her Bill Bryson reading short each night because her little sister has turned off the light at ten pm is a tad frustrating to say the least, but it’s worth it. Full and unprecedented access to her wardrobe/make-up bag (as long as you’re subtle and she doesn’t notice), hell yeah.

When I’ve not been engaging in chase scenes with the dog, or discussing kidney removals with my stepdad, I’ve been catching up with my woefully neglected friends. Several bottles of wine and a hurtfully embarrassing game of bowling later, with plans for more hangovers in the immediate future already brewing, I’ve managed to squeeze in a little work too.

I’ve applied for a grad scheme, because that’s what responsible student apparently do. I’ve also made several decorative but not necessarily useful revision posters. I’ve been back to York for some final pre-Christmas shifts, complete with extra stress to ensure the biggest relief on returning to Huddersfield. In short, it’s been a busy, happy and welcomed week.

Walking Ralph, having a dance in Huddersfield with Liv, quality Nandos time with Beth

Happy birthday, EverySecondSong!
It’s been a year to the day since Every Second Song was born. My little corner of the internet is a whole year old.

I never actually expected anyone other than my mum to ever read my blog, so it’s pretty cool that I’ve had so many hits and won a real life internet award. It’s so weird that I can bump into people in the shop or people I haven’t seen in months, and they already know everything I’ve done because they read my blog. I’ve been introduced to people as “Every Second Song” before. I’m always subconsciously drafting my next post. It amazes me that people actually care that I’m liveblogging tidying my room, or my reviews of club nights or my opinions and attempts at humour. I’m looking forward to Year Two of Every Second Song already :)

Farrah Kelly

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