Q&A session! Blogging + etc edition

On seeing some friends using ask.fm, I thought I’d do a little experimental Every Second Song post. I don’t really get much chance to interact with the people who read ESS, I don’t know what you want to know or what you think about me, really. It’s been pretty interesting! This is the first of three answer posts, loosely themed on my blog and a couple of relationship-y ones. The next two will be loosley themed on “values and beliefs” and “Past and Future”.

What are your guilty pleasures when browsing the internet?
I am a sucker for Youtubers. DailyGrace, Zoella, Sam Pepper, Jenna Marbles, It’s Kingsley Bitch, LLYMLRS, My Drunk Kitchen, Laci Green. I can’t help watching them.
Also “failbook” and “facebook fails” etc. And Buzzfeed.

Who have been your biggest supporters for your blog?
Emma Bennett used to proof read them for me, Jonathan Frost designed it for me, my mum gave me ideas for it. There’s a few other names who really gave me confidence in embarrassing myself online, be it giving me the idea in the first place, staying up late to talk about post ideas, forcing all their mates to read it and nominating me for awards. (That’s you; Laura Reynolds, Dan Williams, Sam Dumigan, Ian Lau) (P.S Thank you all)

Are you as confident as you come off on your blog?
Do I come off as confident? Oh my, I thought I came off as… confused. It depends. I can be shy and quiet and need to take my time around things, but for the most part I’m pretty confident. It’s a combination of being Northern, trying to be Beyonce, and practice in handling people. I’ll happily talk to strangers, make a complaint, tell jokes to the bus driver, follow my instinct, etc, but I don’t mind taking a back seat occasionally :)

If you had to pick one blog post as a personal favourite, which would it be and why?
My first rave; a review
I think this is my favourite blog post because it was such an incredible night. I am the LAST person you’d expect to find at a French rave in the forest, and the experience was so utterly new to me that all my incredulousness, my ridiculousness (who takes a book to a rave, for god’s sake?) and my excitement really comes across. It reminds me of a really fun night, and is probably by favourite travel post too.

Why is your blog named “every second song?”
“Are you watching them pair off, and thinking alone? Are you falling in love, are you falling in love, are you falling in love every second song?”- Elbow, Forget Myself.

You know that thing- “nothing says regret like the email you picked as a kid”- it’s a little bit like that. It’s my all time favourite song, and a beautiful lyric, but I can’t deny how Myspace-esque it is. I get a lot of traffic from people looking for music blogs. I did consider changing it to plain ol’ farrahkelly.com or something, but I’ve kind’ve fallen in love with ESS now :)

Your blog is really entertaining. Would you ever consider writing for a living?
N’aww thanks. My ideal job involves writing, and writing a lot. I’m looking for a career in communications, however that manifests itself. Maybe one day I can pack a bag and become the female Bill Bryson :)

What made you want to start a blog?
My friends got sick of me retelling the same anecdotes. I had too many opinions to bottle them up, and a pretty website was a good way to publish them. It got me involved with a community of bloggers I’d always read but never been an active part of. It’s a public outlet for writing about my feelings, helps me organise them in a way that others can find (hopefully find) funny and relatable. I wanted to talk to people.

I also had an essay due the week I set up ESS. So mostly to procrastinate, honestly.

Who is the best person?
Toss up between my mum and Norris Cole

If you had to go to an island and you could only take one thing with you, what would you take?
ONE thing? I guess a pen. A camera would eventually die, ditto laptop, paper is no use without something to write on, books would run out. Gah, but so would ink! A huge tin of paint. I’d write stuff onto rocks with my fingers, keep me entertained a good long time.

Where is your favourite place in the world?
That I’ve been to, Rodos Old Town, Rhodes. Or Hebden Bridge, UK. Or Szimpla Bar in Hungary. Or Fethiye Bay.
That I’ve not been to yet, anywhere in Croatia, Tallinn. They’re on the list after extensive researching.

Pirate or Ninja?
Pirates get all the girls, so…

why are you such a bender lol
Charming, lil sis.

Really enjoy your blogs, do you ever feel self-consious about putting yourself out there? and similar question: I really enjoy reading your blog. But do you ever feel uncertain about putting so much of your life onto a public internet site, and the way in which people, who you don’t know anything about, could know an awful lot about you? 
It is weird. But everyone gets talked about, and everyone has opinions on others. I’m well aware that there will be people who will look at ESS and think I’m being a show off, or whiny, or stupid, etc. That’s fine. It’s helped me develop thick skin.

In terms of people knowing a lot about me, that’s okay too. Everything I publish I’m happy with. I try to be honest, and I try to let my mood come across, because that’s what makes it interesting. What use would a personal blog be if it was only the positive stuff? Would you read a blog about how my student finance loan came in on time? It’s not as interesting, and I guess I’m okay with the idea of using my own life to entertain people.

I know where to draw the line with my posts. I’d never feature someone who I thought was unhappy with it- it wouldn’t be fair for me to take their choice away in whether people can find out more about their lives.

I’ve had to delete posts that I’ve reread and thought were too personal. While I’m happy for my friends, strangers, employers, anyone to read most things, I’d never make myself vulnerable. I want ESS to be a happy place for me, not somewhere I come to tell my bank details and how hormonal I am.

What is your perfect evening?
A great restaurant, good company, maybe some cocktails, holding hands, York river/Shambles,

Describe your perfect man


Do you have a boyfriend? 
See above picture.

Farrah Kelly

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  1. Farrah, you are so cute!! I love ESS and I can not wait to read the next question and answer post.
    Amy xx

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