Q&A Session: Past and Future

This is the last of three Q&A blogs. This was really fun to do, I was expecting questions like “What’s your favourite colour” or “”why are you such a cow”, but got really interesting stuff to work with! The only questions I chose to ignore were the creepy ones (“Are you good at sex”…) and the ones from my boyfriend asking me why I insisted on cyberbullying him. I’ll be back to normal blogging as of now, but please keep commenting and engaging with me, that way all the time I spend behind my laptop won’t look as lame!

If you could undo one mistake in your past what would it be?
I used to stay up every night reading past bedtime using a light from a glowpen. It’s totally ruined my eyes and now I can’t look into the middle distance without squinting/glasses. Harry Potter would have been there in the morning, I should’ve just waited.

If you won the lottery what would you do with your winnings?
Buy my mum a house so she can stop bloody moving every year. Buy myself a round the world plane ticket, and spend my time volunteering and writing across the globe. Help out important causes to me, and make sure my family’s future was secure happy and fun :)

When you were a little girl what did you want to be when you grew up?
True story, I wanted to be a student.

My mum likes the notion of “show me the girl at seven and I’ll show you the woman”, so if we’re going off that, I was the kid who made and wrote up magazines, forced my sister and friends to buy them. I’ve always been into forcing people into reading my stuff, apparently.

Who is your best friend and why?
The darling Emma Bennett, ofc. Because she can make me cry laughing, read my mind, we have the same values, she picks me up when I need it, she is honest and funny and inspiring and I couldn’t be more grateful for (or cheesy about) her. Also because she pretends not to notice when I steal her clothes. And food.

If you could have any career (not taking wages/talent needed/level of difficulty into consideration), what would you pick? 
I really want a career in communications. I want to write for people, I want to talk to people, I want to make people talk to each other. So I’ll work at that, regardless of wages, talent and difficulty!

If you could bring one old friend from the past back, who would it be and why? 

There’s so many friendships that kinda fazed out, simply due to being too busy, not making efforts, and moving far away. I couldn’t begin to name them, and I couldn’t pick one. Needless to say, I’d love for them all to be part of my life still :)
What would be your ideal job? 
Coronation Street’s Official Previewer. Bill Bryson’s Suitcase. Queen of Blogs.

What’s the best and worst thing about York uni?
Best: The quality of some of the work, the opportunities to get involved with so many societies, the cheesy nightlife, how beautiful it looks on a sunny day, padding around the library at ten at night in slipper socks.
Worst: My syntax lecturer.


What would your last meal be?
Giant plate of salt and pepper prawns to start, duck leg with sweet potato main, giant sticky toffee pudding for dessert with a massive fruity cocktail to wash it all down.

So that’s it! I’ve deleted my ask.fm now (I have EXAMS to be thinking about) and hopefully you all feel like you’ve been suitably nosy and I’ve been suitably compliant in answering you. If you’re desperado to find out something else (like, seriously, WHY do you insist on cyberbullying your boyfriend?) then tweet me, email me, or comment on a post! It makes my day.

Farrah Kelly

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