Room to breathe.

Having had all sorts of bedrooms, from poky student digs to enormous country manor kicks, I’ve come to really appreciate the importance of having a room you love. I’ve had my fair share of crap setups, including having to top-and-tail with my little sister, so living in a beautiful room of my own is my idea of heaven.

Being in London, everything is high-energy, no-time, mad-rush. And it can be a bit overwhelming at times for little old me, so retreating to my quiet little corner to read, maybe phone the grandparents, is so relaxing it may as well come with it’s own acoustic soundtrack.

Top shelf L-R: Family portrait of the Kelly girls, school portrait miniature, Beth’s first day of school pic, a card my family gave to me on the first day of university, me and Miss Bennett, empty picture frame that my boyfriend PROMISED to get a picture of us for, one of those fancy schmancy scent things.
Bottom shelf L-R:┬áMy wonderful Holga camera, a pile of books and notepads, “Good friends are like stars, you don’t have to see them to know they are there”,my mini Geisha, Simon Armitage collection/The Female Eunuch/To Kill A Mockingbird/How To Be A Woman, ikea tealights.
And of course I have my Rosie Riveter postcard as a little reminder to myself walking out of the door every morning, ready to face the big bad Smoke. I’ve always loved making my stamp on the numerous rooms I’ve lived in, and this time is no different. London is starting to feel a little bit more like home now!

Farrah Kelly


  1. I feel you’re bedroom love. I packed my room up the other day and took photos of it first because I loved it that much, might have to make a bedroom post so I have a proper reason for taking them


    • You should! I didn’t want to do a full room tour, it seems a bit intrusive, but I did want to show off about my posters and bits and bobs :) xx

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