The awkward relaunch: I’m back, internet.

There aren’t very many ways to relaunch a blog without coming off as a little bit of a wimp, or at worst, nauseatingly self-important. So with that in mind, try to forgive this awkward-first-post-in-months. Here goes…

EverySecondSong.com is dead. I’m kinda sad about it, because it was genuinely a big part of my life at university, but I am an actual grown-up now who doesn’t get attached to virtual spaces full of passive aggression. I didn’t even cry the first time I tried to log on and found out the domain name had been bought by a Japanese acne supplement supplier. Really.

After I lost the domain name, I decided to take the internet’s hint and go on a blogging break. Honestly, blogging had become a drain. I surprised myself by letting what was essentially a side-project take over my day-to-day life. I started feeling guilty for not posting more,  I started taking a picture of EVERY SINGLE MEAL I ate, and my life had got boring. Seemingly everyone I knew was making the most of the sweet cushy months of post-exams and pre-un/employment, still funded by the remains of their student loans, and I was spending every weekend lingering around the Morrisons reduced section. Not much fun to blog about.

So I took a break. Cleared my mind, and started actually eating my food instead of just bloody Instagramming it. I got on with the big move to London, and slowly refuelled my desire to get back into writing.

Fast-forward a month or so, and I started pestering my boyfriend to set up a new site for me. After several terrible name ideas, I’ve settled on hellofarrah. It’s corny, a little bit of a cliché, and is a bit lame. But the best alternative, courtesy of my mother’s imagination, was ‘farrah-and-away’, and I just couldn’t bring myself to use my name as a pun.

And that brings us to this post. The new site is set up (thanks, Jonathan), the new name isn’t totally crap (thanks for trying, mum) and I finally feel like blogging again. Apologies, internet. For better or worse, I’m back.


Farrah Kelly


  1. Welcome back. I will continue to relay your blogs to our useless northern friends who don’t read them

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