Turkey tomorrow!

Not sure if I’ve mentioned it, but I’m going to Turkey tomorrow.

Just, you know. If you were wondering what I was up to. That’s it. I’m flying to Dalaman, I’m working in Kayakoy, I’m going alone. For just three weeks, but still.

It’s the longest I’ll have been away from home, discounting university. And to be honest, I get so pathetically homesick while in York, that it wouldn’t surprise me if you told me that I never made it three weeks without having a cheeky weekend home. So this’ll be interesting, at any rate.

Because I have so far undergone three separate personal safety lectures from family members, and also because I am a bit of an internet addict, I will be blogging still while I’m away.It lets my mum know I’ve not eloped with a Turkish waiter, and it also gives me an excuse to brag about what I’m doing, as I’m doing it.

I’m slightly terrified. I’ll probably be hysterical at the airport tomorrow. But lets just focus on the excitement- that’s much more fun!

(Also would like to immortalise my gratitude to Jonathan Frost for making this website look all shiny and pretty. You’re fabulous.)

Farrah Kelly

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